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I consider myself a constant creative always in the pursuit of capturing life’s moments in one art form or another.  Maybe it was the long, cold, Iowa winters that initially set me upon my artistic path. Bundled up and trapped inside, my bedroom window overlooked gray skies and snow covered fields; I craved the warmth of creativity. As soon as I learned to write and rhyme, my journals became filled with poems and art and observations. As I grew, so did my need to explore and expand upon how I shared my observations. The camera has always been a close assistant of mine, offering a means to capture moments in time. And these moments, which become memories, are bits of inspirational material that transition into my stories, whether, printed or painted, written or told.

Most of my art is mixed media collage. Matisse is one of the artists who has influenced me the most. I have always enjoyed studying his paintings, with his playful way of finding shapes and patterns in what might have been an ordinary, common scene. I too enjoy examining the shapes, colors, textures and patterns in my subjects. My palette consists of bright colors, mainly acrylics, hand painted and handmade organic papers along with colored and patterned tissues. Most of my art is inspired by what I see through my camera lens. Laila, my Labrador and I frequently take note of the nature we cross on our many walks. Whether it’s flowers along the walkway, trees and their inhabitants, or wild weeds and grasses that offer eye catching colors, shapes and textures.

My own art mostly expresses whimsical moments in time. To me, a whimsical moment, can be simple and yet elegant-sometimes even childlike. It’s a glimpse into a subject that I am often interested in studying and recreating with artistic expression.

My original art and copies of all my art work in various formats (prints, canvas, gifts) can be purchased by clicking here:  ART STORE

Julia Malakoff in her studio
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